Tips To Treating Tooth Decay With Good Eating Habits

good vegetablesTooth decay sadly is one of the most common health problems in the world. Left untreated, the decay can lead to much more troublesome health concerns, including massive teeth loss. Fortunately there’s a natural way to reduce tooth decay; good dental hygiene, and a wholesome diet, will each help reduce the number of needed trips to the dentist.

For a very long time now, people have been led to believe that eating foods rich in starch and sugar will cause of dental decay. They have been made to believe that eating such foods and not brushing their teeth afterwards is what leads to the accumulation of bacteria in the food on the surface of teeth hence teeth decay. However, recent research studies show new findings. While frequent brushing of teeth is an excellent practice, combining the practice with the consumption of nutritious foods can greatly boost oral health, eating the right nutrients can give you stronger, healthier, teeth that are more resistant to decay.

Is Sugar The Root Cause Of Tooth Decay?

In the quest of acquiring accurate and factual information about this, studies have shown that consuming sugary and starchy foods is less likely to solely cause dental decay. Quite on the contrary, foods such as milk, meat, vegetables and fish are the main causes to dental decay. Tooth decay is caused by acidity (phytic acid) on teeth which tends to be corrosive to the enamel. The acid in this case is released by bacteria present in the mouth and stomach which thrives under certain favorable conditions such as sufficient nutrients. When produced, the acid burrows in teeth at a quick rate hence destroying the enamel.

The kinds of foods known to contain high phytic acid levels include; legumes, seeds, nuts and grains. Therefore, eating nutritious kinds of food and not brushing your teeth creates higher acid production which leads to tooth decay. Sugar and starchy foods lack nutrients hence do not create a conducive environment for the bacteria to thrive in. They contribute to dental unhygienic grounds but they definitely aren’t solely responsible for the decayof teeth.

With this realization, it is advisable to go an extra mile to learn more favorable grounds for tooth decay in order to help keep teeth healthy in a natural way. Teeth decadence might also be brought about by lack of minerals in a diet. Lack of enough fat soluble vitamins; A, D, E and K in the diet also contribute to this kind of a dental problem. When your intestines fail to completely digest ingested food that isn’t readily bio-available, dental decay is likely to occur.

It is therefore true to say that sugar contributes to tooth decay but it isn’t the main reason behind it. Poor diets can deprive the body of healthy nutrients and minerals, which are important for strong bones and teeth.

What Foods Help Fight Tooth Decay?

Some of the more nutritious teeth strengthening foods you should look out for include; grass fed organic dairy for instance butter, coconut oil, sea food, grass fed meats and bone broths. Organic vegetables are also very helpful in this quest and so are organ and gland meats like liver. Further, for easy absorption of nutrients, dentists also recommend the use of supplements such as fermented cod liver oil, magnesium and gelatin are very effective. These supplements are rich in calcium, phosphorus and fat soluble vitamins; A, K and D.

You can successfully treat dental decay through healthy feeding habits but the dentist is always happy to help you with regular check ups, cleanings and other necessary procedures.

Article Reference: Healthy Holistic Living

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