Does Obamacare Affect Dental Insurance?

AffordableCareActThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare has it has been referred to, is a massive act that will change the American health care system in many ways. While this is being used with the intention of covering as many people with health insurance as possible, this is something that may not have much of a change to dental insurance policies that people might already used in that outside policies may still be preferred for use.

While it is clear that Obamacare will entail the need for consumers to buy health coverage for many services, it does not have any particular mandates for dental coverage. This is a substantial issue that might make it harder for people to actually afford visits to their dentists under Obamacare because of the lack of support that is used in this case.

While Obamacare does stipulate that some coverage be used for orthodontic treatments and some other dental procedures for children, it does not specifically say anything about the use of coverage for adults. This means that adults might still have to go find dental insurance plans that are separate from what might be covered in their Obamacare plans.

However, Obamacare does require insurance companies to pay for fluoride supplements for dental treatments if they are ever required. This is provided that they are legitimately prescribed and the patient is check beforehand. This is pretty much as far as what this program will go into when getting some kind of dental coverage ready.

Dental Insurance Still Needed But Not Mandatory

DentalInsuranceClaimIt may be necessary for a person to get dental insurance by signing a contract with a dental health managed organization or DHMO. This kind of organization allows the participant to received valuable services at reduced rates in exchange for certain insurance fees. This may be used without having to put up with any bothersome waiting periods just to get such a transaction ready.

Participating provider networks or PPOs may also be utilized when finding dental insurance. A PPO will include both people within a network like in a DHMO and out-of-network or participating providers. This is typically utilized with a maximum benefit value that will be set each year. A person who goes beyond this limit over the course of a year will have to pay for the extra costs associated with specific dental services.

Indemnity plans may also be considered when finding different treatment solutions. An indemnity plan is where dental services are available for specific fees. This may involve specific charges that are only paid for when certain services are used. These may be effective for people who need insurance but the administrative fees that come with these plans tend to be higher than what is used elsewhere.

In short, Obamacare is not going to cover dental costs for people and the coverage that it does have for children will be relatively minimal. This is in spite of the plan covering so many other services for people to use. It may be best for people to find separate dental insurance policies so they can get the help they deserve when finding ways to cut their dental costs.