Painless Dentistry

What do many people fear most about going to the dentist? Just the thought of having a needle?inserted into your cheek and a cavity removed from your tooth is enough to bring tears to?the eyes. Surprisingly it is not the actual dental procedure that most often terrifies patients.?According to surveys, the site of a needle and the sound of the drill were the two most feared?elements of dentistry.

Looking for a solution for painless dentistry? You’ve found it ?with Dr. Mark Andrews, DDS.?? Dr. Mark Andrews is committed to your comfort while focusing on your health. With more than ?twenty years of comprehensive and technically superior services, Dr. Andrews and his staff are?dedicated to painless dentistry in Cary NC, and exceptional cosmetic dental care.??Dr. Andrews’ dental office provides the most current technology that dentistry has to offer?with a focus on providing patients the best option for painless dentistry.

His dental ?practice has become one of the most technologically advanced offices in Cary NC. He fully?practices modern 21 century dentistry.??Most dentists’ patients cringe at the very sight of a needle or syringe. This is not the case in Dr.?Mark Andrews’ office, thanks to the CompuDent system, painful injections are a thing of the?past. This advanced computer technology truly offers painless dentistry in Cary NC and comes?equipped with a tiny, lightweight Wand (handpiece) that reduces the discomfort and anxiety?associated with receiving anesthetic.

In fact, the reason injections are painful has nothing to?do with the needle at all. The source of discomfort is actually caused by the flow of dental?anesthetic into the tissue.??Dr. Andrews has a beautiful and state-of-the art office that offers easy parking and quick access?to patients from all parts of Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, Carpenter, Chapel Hill, RTP, and?Holly Springs, NC.??To learn more about our painless dentistry in Cary NC solutions, check out the many videos?found on this site.