Forensic dental data supplement paves way for interoperability between dental offices, municipalities

Washington—As do fingerprints and DNA, dental data will now have a communication protocol as the basis for interaction and interoperability among the various forensic dental repositories and systems deployed internationally. News RSS Feed

FTC Submits Comments to CODA Regarding Proposed Dental Therapy Accreditation Standards

In response to the customary solicitation of comments by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) regarding proposed standards, the Federal Trade Commission this week submitted comments concerning the proposed accreditation standards for dental therapy education programs. News RSS Feed

Dental groups urge device tax repeal

Washington—The ADA and more than 30 state and national dental organizations and manufacturers signed onto a Sept. 28 letter to the bipartisan congressional leadership urging repeal of the medical device tax. News RSS Feed

Senate hearing on ‘dental crisis’

Washington–She and her clients “are standing together in the same line, looking for help” for their dental needs, a Falls Church, Va., social worker told a Senate subcommittee Sept. 12 at a hearing on Dental Crisis in America: The Need to Address Cost. News RSS Feed

Affordable Care Act, dental benefits examined

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” shorthanded as the ACA and as this series of reports will refer to it, has the potential to reshape health care in America. Expansion of medical insurance coverage, a move toward more integrated care delivery and significant changes in the financing of health care are among the expectations of ACA legislators and regulators. The Association’s primary focus has been the law’s potential effects on dentistry and the delivery of dental services to patients.  The first ACA Q-and-A installment in the Aug. 5 ADA News is posted online at This report examines the ACA and dental benefits. News RSS Feed

CDA challenges Delta Dental

Sacramento, Calif.— The California Dental Association and several individual dentists filed a formal demand for arbitration with Delta Dental of California to challenge Delta’s unilateral decision to revise two significant provisions to its provider agreements. News RSS Feed

ADA Foundation awards 30 allied dental students with $1,000 scholarships

Winning one of the ADA Foundation’s 2013 Allied Dental Student Scholarships has made starting over in life that much easier for dental assisting student Dawn Pettet. News RSS Feed

ERs seeing increase of people visiting with dental problems

More people are heading to the emergency room with dental problems, an increase largely driven by young adults who don’t have dental benefits, according to the ADA Health Policy Resources Center. News RSS Feed

OU dental students pitch in after storm

Moore, Okla.—Chad Carter, third year student at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, emerged from shelter with his and a neighboring family, his emergency gear and bags packed “because there had been a tornado the night before” and he had been dealing with that one when the next one roared through. News RSS Feed

Targeting the ‘dental divide’

Washington—The Association, citing “a disturbing dental divide in America,” announced a nationwide campaign May 15 to reduce the numbers of adults and children with untreated dental disease. News RSS Feed