Top Dentist – Tips On Finding One

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How Does Your Dentist Rate?

When selecting a top dentist, it is helpful to understand the factors that make a good dentist. For many people, a visit to the dentist’s office is not something they look forward to which makes the dentist’s job more difficult that just evaluating and repairing a patient’s teeth.

A skillful dentist possesses a variety of talents which enable him to do his job. The Consumer’s Research Council of America has certain criteria that defines a top dentist.

  • Number of years in practice
  • Years of education and continuing education
  • American Dental Association recognized Board Specialties
  • Number of professional association memberships

In addition to the above criteria, ask the local or state dental society for a referral to several dentists in the area. Also check on the dentist’s credentials with the American Dental Association’s Commission on Accreditation which requires all dentists to have earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery from an accredited dental school. The state where they practice must also license the dentist.

Top Dentist – Where To Find Them

Check with the County Clerk’s Office in the county where the dentist practices to learn if there are any pending or current malpractice suits against the dentist. It is possible to search for any complaints, lawsuits, and disciplinary actions on any dentist on the American Dental Association’s Commission on Accreditation’s website although they will not give any information on the nature or the resolution of the actions. These types of actions can be a sign of trouble with a dentist who is unqualified or unreliable. Doing an online search for the dentist’s name may also reveal any news stories about the dentist as well.

If searching for a dentist for a specific procedure, be sure and ask about specific pain management techniques and what equipment will be used for the procedure. Ask about the office policies on making patients comfortable using medications and treatments such as nitrous oxide, heating pads, and headphones.

Additionally, a dental office which is well run and organized will provide prices for all procedures, including all insurance coverage and co-pays. A professional and reputable dentist will clearly explain all treatment methods and procedures and all office policies, providing a written policy if requested.

Top Dentist – Do Your Homework

Before making a final selection on a top dentist, the most important criteria is if the patient is comfortable with the dentist and the office. Does the dentist answer all of the patient’s questions thoroughly and is the office staff friendly and efficient? When the patient calls the office, is the phone answered quickly by a person in a friendly manner? These are very important considerations and a patient should be happy with the answers when selecting a dentist.

Finding a good dentist that you can trust will take some research, but it will pay off in finding the best dentist to fit the personal needs of the individual patient. Begin with the Top Dentist listing from the Consumer’s Research Council of America and the American Dental Association’s Commission on Accreditation. These two organizations will provide a good start.

Do you trust your dentist?

Trust Your DentistTrust Your Dentist & Your Instincts and Do Your Homework

Whenever you have doubts about the type of treatment that you need, ask questions. You might ask how you can have cavities and need dental crowns, but not have any toothache pain. The dentist can then explain that most cavities will often have no symptoms. Unfortunately, it is not until a cavity is fairly deep that you begin to feel sensitivity to cold or hot foods and beverages. By that time, the tooth will often require more treatment, such as a root canal to address a cavity that is notably infected.

The good news is, in this day of the information super highway, there’s plenty available at your finger tips to become a better informed consumer.

Check out these quality dental references to learn more.

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Who Do You Trust In Dentistry?

It may be the case that  some have had a bad experience with their dentists over the years. It’s always, however, best start with the premise that most dentists are true professionals, and are honestly seeking to do right by their patients. With that truth in mind, some are more skilled & talented than others , like any other profession. So shop around, it’s OK.

The best way to find a good dentist is by “word of mouth” – Pun intended! Ask around at work, school, or your friends & family – who do they go to? Who have they had positive experiences with? It may take a little trial and error, but it’s worth the effort.

Once found, stay in touch, communicate and visit him/her regularly. Be informed, and ask direct questions. A good dentist will not only be technically proficient, but will also have the necessary people skills that will put you at ease.