What is CEREC®? CEREC®means we can rapidly and economically restore damaged teeth using a ceramic material that matches the natural color of other teeth in your mouth. First and foremost, the restoration can be performed in a single session, usually in about one hour. With CEREC® there’s no need for us to make an impression and send it to a lab. We don’t inconvenience you by asking you to return for a second visit. You get your crown on the same day.

Second, the restoration is natural looking, because it is made of tooth-colored ceramic material. It’s metal-free –no silver fillings to discolor your smile! The ceramic material is compatible with tissue in your mouth and is high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. Below is a list of the things CEREC® can do for your teeth: All porcelain crowns porcelain onlays porcelain veneers tooth colored fillings porcelain bridges porcelain fused to metal bridges.


Most patients cringe at the very sight of a needle or syringe, but thanks to the CompuDent system, painful injections are a thing of the past.  This advanced computer technology comes equipped with a tiny, lightweight Wand (handpiece) that reduces the discomfort and anxiety associated with receiving anesthetic.  In fact, the reason injections are painful has nothing to do with the needle at all.  The source of discomfort is actually caused by the flow of dental anesthetic into the tissue. That’s where the unique Wand technology comes into play.  The pen-like handpiece delivers an even-flow of anesthetic to the confined tissue area, eliminating the painful pin-prick feeling.  In certain instances, techniques can be used to minimize the unpleasant numbing of the tongue, cheek, and face.

Upon your next dental treatment, ask Dr. Andrews about the CompuDent system, for a comfortable, pain free dental experience.

Air Abrasion

One of the most progressive areas in dentistry today is air abrasion cavity preparations.   The powerful  Air Abrasion System provides an effective alternative to the dental drill and is used for both general and cosmetic procedures.   The air abrasion system produces a gentle air flow of microabrasive particles, transferred through a tiny handpiece that never makes direct contact with the tooth.  Dr. Andrews can quickly and comfortably fill in multiple cavities, in one visit, without the use of anesthesia and can also be used to remove stains from teeth and in the application of sealants and restorations.  Because air abrasion generates no heat or vibration, more of the tooth structure can be preserved, with less chance of micro-fracturing or tooth chipping.

Experience the comfort and ease of air abrasion technology at your next dental visit, to help give you a healthy, beautiful smile.


Icon is a new way Dr. Andrews can stop the progression of an early cavity before it needs to be treated using a needle or drill.  This breakthrough treatment preserves healthy tooth structure, prolonging the life expectancy of natural teeth and is completed in just one visit.